Tuesday, April 15, 2014


The weather has been AMAZING!  We ended up at a park with some friends on Friday.
The girls enjoyed it.
Me? I am not so sure.
All Charlotte wanted to do was pretend she was going to jump off the top..
I was on one side and a stranger was on the other to help me out.
My friend was busy taking care of her little explorer Mia.

{isn't she adorable?}

Nellie and Ellie are great friends.
As are Megan and I.

I am grateful for friends who put up with me and my crazy opinions and comments.
I don't think they are crazy, but I am sure others do..

Monday, April 14, 2014


Egg coloring was a big hit!
We only cracked a few.
Charlotte thought she wanted to eat one, until she did then she decided she didn't like it.
Nellie on the other hand kept asking for one, and once we got home she ended up eating them all.
Which I found totally strange since she doesn't like to eat anything.. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Discovery

Charlotte discovered that inside the eggs are treats.
She then became possessive of her eggs, and sat as happy as can be eating all the candy. 
Making sure NO ONE came close.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Party Party

Over the weekend I was asked to take pictures at Cami's  second Birthday Party.
And since I wasn't paid, I wasn't going to boss people around, and with all the grandmas also taking pictures I figured one of them would get some pictures I didn't get.
I was also in competition for the blowing of the candle picture, which I am not sure either one of us got a good one.
It was a super cute party, and Cami looked adorable! 
Miss Cami wanted NOTHING to do with getting her picture taken, so I did the best I could.
Nellie was still in her princess dress for the party before, and all my kids had eaten that day was cake...  
And popcorn...
There was an Easter egg hunt and all the kids had a BLAST getting their eggs.

Happy Happy Birthday Cami!

Friday, April 4, 2014


As bribery for Nellie for potty training we used Ice Cream, playdough, princess dolls, and candy.
She mostly chose Ice Cream..
Which means Charlotte also gets Ice Cream.
Which means she always wants ice cream..

With all the success we have had with Nellie since coming home from Utah we have stopped giving her rewards, unless she poops.
Because that is still a HUGE deal.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Washington Zoo

When we first moved to Washington DC I was so excited to go see the Zoo.
I was however extremely let down.
It is kinda small (although I haven't seen all the animals).
It is up (a steep) hill. (reason why I haven't seen all the animals)
Having come from Portland where the Zoo is beyond amazing!
(I mean they have polar bears, penguins, wolves, giraffes)
It is by far the best zoo around.
That being said, here it is always important to go with good friends.
It was Miss Cami's birthday Monday so we all ventured out to the zoo on possibly the most beautiful day of March.
We did get to see a few monkeys up close and personal, and the baby Tiger cub.
Who by the way was the most adorable thing ever, hiding in the bushes and jumping out at the older Tigers.

Everyone looks a little goofy in this picture, except for Ethan who is giving me the best smile!

Lunch time was pretty much a joke for my kids.
The one time they ask for more food is the one time I brought hardly any because they never eat any.

For good behavior my children and Tana's children were rewarded with a ride on the carousel.
(everyone else went to Georgetown)
Nellie chose the pink Flamingo, and Charlotte got whatever was right next door, which I believe was a penguin.

Have I mentioned that I cut Nellie's hair and it is ADORABLE!
Because I did, and it is.

These two are seriously the best of friends.
They are the closest we have to family here.

Even though I am always let down by the Zoo itself, It is always a great way to spend the day.
They kids are happy, and let's be honest.
That is all that matters.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I can never say no.

One of Charlotte's favorite things to do is change her clothes.
She will find a dress, or a skirt (usually dirty) and come ask me to put it on her.

I can't resist, knowing that she will have a huge smile on her face and prance around like she is the prettiest girl around.